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BodySpa RV - Red, White, Blue

Your shower just became the most patriotic appliance in your RV. Freedom never felt so comforting!

Say "So Long!" to Wimpy Showers

Powerful Oxygenics setting amplifies existing water pressure and widens coverage
Easily control the flow of water with the push of a button
SmartPause® valve helps stretch your RV's water tank by reducing water flow to a trickle
Designed to achieve maximum performance with RV tank size and pressure limits

Powerful Pressure to Water-Saving Trickle

Reduce flow from a powerful spray to a small trickle.

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Additional Features

  • Constructed from Durable Parts Non-stick internal parts prevent mineral buildup and clogging, even with hard water supplies
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Limited lifetime warranty against the anomaly of a performance failure
  • 60" Hose Ample hose length for hard-to-reach places and easy cleanup
  • Simple Installation Stick the mount on your shower wall and you're ready to keep driving!

Product Variations

Product Name Finish GPM Hose MSRP Product Detail
BodySpa RV Handheld Shower Red, White, Blue - 26789 Red White Blue 1.8 gpm 60" $54.95 view all info

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