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RainBar / BodyBar

SpinJet - 49313

$39.95 msrp

Product Details

  • Reliable handheld base, locks in so handheld is securely attached
  • Use the SpinJet by itself or with handheld to create your own custom spray combinations
  • Switch between the 6 different setting combinations with ease
  • Settings can be turned on and off with the push of a button
  • Easy clean nozzles
  • Installs in minutes

What’s Included

  • SpinJet
  • Plumber’s tape

The SpinJet Experience

With the most expanded coverage for a handheld base, the SpinJet is equipped with  different 6 spray settings. Settings are easy to switch between by rotating each SpinJet together or independently for custom spray combinations. SpinJet settings can be easily turned on and off with the push of a button.


There is an articulated ball joint inside the SpinJet that allows you to move and direct the flow of water where you need it most. When used in combination with a handheld, the SpinJets provide ample coverage.


Installation and Resources

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