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"Though she be but little, she is fierce."

Alas, I need a good shower...

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4.5" spray face adds coverage for better rinsing
6 spray settings including a Multi Oxygenics with 3 powerful Oxygenics Engines
Efficient design reduces water usage without limiting power
Metal base adds durability while non-stick internal parts prevent clogging or buildup

"Alas" to "Ahhh..."

A bad shower can be a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. From the incredible coverage of the WideStream to the relaxing Massage, the TriSpa has you covered.

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Additional Features

  • Water Saving Saves up to $125+ per year on water and energy costs
  • Easy Installation Plumber's tape included for hassle free installation - no need to call a plumber!
  • Commercial Grade Materials Nonstick internal parts prevent hard water buildup which means a lifetime of hot showers!
  • Easy Spray Selector Easy-to-use spray selector makes switching settings fast and effortless

Product Variations

Product Name Finish GPM Hose MSRP Product Detail
TriSpa Fixed Shower - 83588 Brushed Nickel 1.8 gpm N/A $32.95 view all info
TriSpa Fixed Shower - 83288 Chrome 1.8 gpm N/A $27.95 view all info

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