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Great options make for a great showerhead!

I seriously love this showerhead! I recently moved into an apartment and was looking to replace the showerhead that came with the place with a more useful one. This one definitely did the job.

Installation: For someone not used to doing much handy-work, the installation was a breeze. At first I did not realize the white tape was plumbing tape (I thought it was the adhesive for the speaker) so I put the showerhead on without the tape and saw a bit of leakage when I turned it on (only a drop coming out the top which I figured might be a problem later on).

When I realized the tape was included and used it, there was no leakage at all. The only thing I will say was that when screwing it on, the showerhead was still a bit lopsided when fully tightened, so I went to manually turn the head itself and there was a bit of resistance which made me nervous because I did not want to turn too hard and possibly damage the piece. But with a bit more force it turned just fine.

I wish it was slightly easier to reposition the head because it’s still slightly crooked. I also wish the dial to change the spray settings was a bit smoother in the sense that I felt like when I turned from setting to setting the dial never really clicked and paused so I had to basically pay attention to the water flow itself to know that the setting changed.

Use: I tried the water settings all over the course of a week and found something about all the settings that I liked: whether it was a setting that gives just the right amount of pressure to wash my face without feeling like I’m suffocating, or that offers the right amount of pressure to feel slightly massaged after a workout, or is wide enough that it just makes me feel like I’m cradled, they were absolutely fantastic. The design is also great in the sense that the height gives you a few extra inches in the shower. Doing so allowed the water to flow at least 6 inches or so more towards the back of my shower than my old showerhead did so I didn’t have to stand so close to the front wall of my shower. And all it takes is tilting the showerhead itself if you feel like it’s too far back.

Speaker: Awesome sound for when I want to jam! The sound is nice and loud even when the volume isn’t turned all the way up which is great for when the water itself can be loud. My shower has a high ledge above which I placed the speaker so the fact that it has a slight downward tilt on it is great for calls.

I haven’t gotten a call while in the shower yet so I’m not sure how well they would be able to hear me on the other end but judging from the sound from the music I play, I‘d be able to hear them perfectly fine.

All in all, I give it a 5/5 for functionality because although I feel like the dial could’ve been smoother, in the grand scheme of things the showerhead works great. Love the product!

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