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I recently installed this unit in my shower. Although I’m not thrilled with all the plastic components and plumbing hardware that make up this unit, it did install smoothly and without leaks. I also appreciate that there are adapters included to attach the sprayer to my sink faucet or outdoor spigot as well, so I can easily swap it to these optional location should I choose to.
The handheld sprayer works beautifully. There are 3 different spray patterns to choose from, which is nice, but I especially appreciate the flow control lever, which allows me to easily adjust the water pressure. Nice! Even at its fullest point, the pressure of the spray is tolerable on the skin (Not a sudden, jolting blast like the last sprayer I had.) The coiled hose is an appropriate length and allows me to easily maneuver the sprayer through its task. The spray nozzles are made of a flexible rubber, which my cat seems to appreciate. She has never been a fan of being bathed, but since I switched to this sprayer, she tolerates bath time a whole lot more.
Overall, I’m happy with my purchase of this Paw Spa sprayer and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a household pet sprayer.

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