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In with the new

Bought this at discount retail as per the product locator. Read a few reviews of it online that said it leaked after it was shut off but I did not find this issue recurring whatsoever. Ten settings means great versatility from needing a quick rejuvenating shower massage on the back to rinsing hair product under the waterfall feature. Let me tell you: I was a forever diehard fan of Wa*erP*k original due to the gpm rate but I am very happy with the volume and water pressure from this unit.

I really like the steel hose feature which is usually a $20 upgrade if you buy a different shower head with the plastic hose which I find always kinks up and I was forever dropping the shower head on the tub floor so I could then unwind the twists. Coming from someone who thought she would never part with her Wa*erP*k it takes a lot for me to review on any product page let alone a five star.

I also told a lady shopping at Lowe’s for another model about this one that I bought (next door practically) and she said she was going to go look at this model as well. She was going to buy a higher cost unit that didn’t even have as many settings or features.

Totally psyched to have installed it myself and even the pipe joint tape was in the package. And I have a low ceiling in my shower area and this still fit despite the size of the unit.

I am totally impressed, Oxygenics. You have converted a new customer for life.

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