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The BEST- no really LOL

I’ve had this shower for so many years now and I can’t think of having any other one. Its like no other shower I’ve had – even fancier “looking” one’s don’t provide the water output like this one does. I’m actually on this website to see if I remodel my bath if this is still available – LOL.

The pressure is great – I feel like I’m in a spa but I look around at this little thing and wonder how it does it. No trickle, no pouring, no sprinkling. This thing has a blast of water that feels nice. Our Mother came over from out of State and asked “where in the world did you get that shower”? She said they just did a remodel in their home and the new fancy shower head they had was nothing like this little thing. She immediately ordered one on Amazon after we looked up this model thankfully it was still around– yes I’ve had it this long.

When the Wild Fires were raging this past summer and smoke was everywhere- you couldn’t breathe- I would actually turn on this shower and stick my head in it and felt better- somehow there is a breeze from it- I was hoping it was real oxygen – LOL.

This is a great little shower head – and powerful. Please don’t get rid of this one.

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