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Works great!

I have 4 dogs and this works very well for bathing them all! SuperWash is easy to install in your shower and it has a long hose to be able to reach as well. It has a trigger you use to spray and also has a “pause” for when you are shampooing your pets. It has different settings for the water to come out and it has big nubs on the pet washer that you can use to scrub and massage your pet while bathing and rinsing them.

My experience with it has been very positive, I have a couple of dogs that don’t particularly like baths and this makes it so much easier! I definitely would recommend this to any pet owner! I have not used it to bathe my cats yet, but I am sure it makes the process a lot easier!

It is also easy to switch back and forth between your regular shower head an the pet washer with the simple attachment that comes with it.

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