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Submit a Warranty Claim

Please Read The Following Carefully Before Proceeding
If your Oxygenics unit is leaking where the hose meets the holder, please continue:

Your Oxygenics holder is designed with a backflow/check valve. Its purpose is to prevent water from backflowing into your potable water when the shower valve is turned off, it’ll syphon leftover water from where your hose meets the holder outside and trickle down the hose for a few seconds, then stop.

If the above does not apply to your situation, please fill out the following Warranty Claim form and one of our support representatives will get back to you during our normal business hours.

Oxygenics Customer Support Hours
Monday – Thursday: 7am-5pm PST
Friday: 7am-4:30pm PST

You can also check out our FAQ’s.

Product Support

  • The model number and name can be found on the front, right hand corner or bottom of the packaging. Model name can also be found on the face of the shower head.
  • Upload a copy of your receipt. If you do not have a copy of your receipt, please call: 1-800-344-3242
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  • Upload any image(s) needed to better help us understand your concern.
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